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When JISC asked us to carry out a review of Leap2a usage, I was quite keen. In the current financial climate, all work is fair game, and the project looked interesting and very focused, even if the time scale was tight.

Leap2a is an interoperability specification for data in the ePortfolio domain. It was developed and implemented by a range of practitioner organisations (some academic, some commercial) under the auspices of JISC funding and CETIS supervision. The spec was designed, developed and delivered over 3 phases of projects, which included testing for its efficacy in practical environments. Major ePortfolio products, such as PebblePad and Mahara provided Leap2a functionality. This work was completed in 2009.

But what’s the uptake in terms of usage by real people? This was one of the primary questions for our investigation.  Our method has been to draw up a list organisations using Leap2a and simply to ask them. We’re using a  series of semi-structured telephone interviews, then reviewing and analysing the responses in an attempt to gain some understanding of both qualitative and quantitative usage.

The draft report  is due out by Friday 10 February, and I’m hoping that wider publication will follow on shortly thereafter.  Watch this space!


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February 8, 2012 at 4:30 pm

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