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Relationship Management: notes on Road to Value group discussion, 12 July 2012

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This is a somewhat belated post giving some notes on a group discussion on ‘Road to Value’ at the JISC ‘Sustaining Relationship Management’ event in Manchester on 12 July 2012. For a brief overview of the day, have a look at: http://www.slideshare.net/mylesdanson/jisc-relationship-management-in-higher-education-way-forward-meeting and Myles Danson’s blog post at: http://myles.jiscinvolve.org/wp/.

We were asked to discuss the ‘Road to Value’ in respect of relationship management, with a view to identifying issues to be addressed and the possibility of some form of maturity model for relationship management in Higher Education. There was a healthy scepticism around the table, principally because each project’s experience was very partial and didn’t represent an institution-wide approach to RM. No-one felt that the sector was ready for a maturity model approach. Although there might be factors that would be important for success, such as process efficiency, data sharing and business intelligence, our group didn’t develop a view that these areas represented stages on a road, but more that they were issues that needed to be addressed, probably concurrently. The context and scope of the work was very important and would have a direct effect on how RM might be developed; and progress would not be measured on an institution-wide basis, but instead within the scope of each community of practice.

After initial discussion we analysed the problem using a ‘logical modelling’ approach: for high quality relationship management, and presuming that high quality ‘customer’ experience depended on this, what pre-requisites should be addressed? Then working both backwards and forwards across the issues, what might be the steps along to ‘expertise’ in relationship management?

I wouldn’t say that we gained agreement for the following diagram, but it represents a major strand of our discussion.

RM Road Map Group Discussion

RM Road Map Group Discussion


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July 25, 2012 at 11:27 am

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