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Modelling Bash – University of Sheffield

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Alan, Charlie and myself went to the Modelling Bash at University of Sheffield yesterday and would like to thank the organisers for a very interesting event.  A write up of the event can be found on the Emerging Practices blog.

APS Ltd has been using the Archimate standard for a couple of years to produce diagrams for our clients.  Recently, as we have been working a lot on the Course Data Projects, which focus on process improvement (among other things), we have mostly been doing process diagrams and were looking to learn from others how they use the tool and what they find useful.

We weren’t disappointed.  There were delegates there from a range of different backgrounds, from those who had never used the tool before, to those who have been using it for years.  It was great to see the different approaches people are taking, but we were especially pleased to hear about the new extensions to the standard in Archimate 2.0.  These extensions provide a whole range of stakeholder analysis and project mapping tools to use with the existing elements or on their own, and a new “influence” relationship to connect elements.  We spent a good chunk of the afternoon working with these tools and they have a lot of potential to make Archimate diagrams richer.

As someone who has never had training on the Archi tool it was also useful to have so many people together using it and asking each other for advice.  I know I will be using the hints and properties a lot more.


Written by jennifermdenton

September 4, 2012 at 1:13 pm

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