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Collectible Course Information: A Quick Look at UCAS’ Course Collect

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We’ve been working recently with a couple of our university clients on the brand spanking new UCAS Course Collect system. This is a data entry service, or if you prefer, a part of the UCAS website where you can key in courses information. It captures information for course marketing purposes and relevant stuff for the UCAS admissions system. It replaces the old netupdate / web-link for courses.

Course Collect Screen Shot

Course Collect Screen Shot

Like all new systems, Course Collect has had a few teething troubles from a university or college perspective. Getting used to a new system for keying is always a bit of a trial, and Course Collect gathers more data within a more structured information model, so it’s almost bound to be complex. We now have Programme > Subject Option >Course > Stage as the structure instead of the very flat one in netupdate. So there’s more flexibility in how the data is represented, but a greater demand for data on universities and colleges.

Data was migrated in May from the old netupdate service, so our early summer has been taken up with checking the data, amending errors on migration, and adding in new courses to be ready for Clearing and then the new season. And of course, we’re managing both 2013 and 2014 entry data.

Particular problematic areas were:

  • Some slight glitches in approving migrated data, especially where the migrated data was too large for the new field size. This took a few weeks to resolve.
  • Paging of lists limited to 15
  • Establishing how to get entry requirements information to appear in the right place in the new course finder tool on the UCAS website, which uses Course Collect data.
  • Complications around showing admissions tests and esoteric prerequisites
  • An annoying lack of Help in the Help system
  • A rather messy mess in the Entry Profiles area, which won’t be settled until early September
  • And at the moment it doesn’t want to work on my Chrome setup.

As we’re really XCRI-CAP people at heart, we continue to encourage UCAS to dispense with this old-fashioned ‘key everything in’ method of data collection and to adopt the XCRI-CAP information standard for bulk updating. To that end I’ve [ed: Alan that is] been doing some mapping of XCRI-CAP to UCAS Course Collect, and also having some thoughts about how a process of getting XCRI-CAP data into the UCAS system might be made to work.

Course Collect Bulk Update Process

Draft Course Collect Bulk Update Process

Our conclusion on Course Collect is ‘the jury’s still out’. Now that we’re down to maintaining the data and only adding in new courses occasionally, it might represent an improvement on the old services. However, my personal view is that we need some good quality management and reporting facilities, and a better workflow sub-system to bring this service up to ‘good’.


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July 31, 2013 at 4:21 pm

More Salami please!

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We’ve made some small changes to our Salami demonstrator. Jen has pulled in some useful data from the LMI for All API – details of the latter are on the UKCES LMI for All web page. The new version of the Salami HTML Demo is here:¬†

LMI for All has a range of information, including estimated hours and estimated salaries for particular ranges of jobs. These are determined by SOC Code, as shown in the example here for structural engineer (SOC Code 2121, which covers a range of engineering jobs):

New Salami Lmi Screen Shot

New Salami Lmi Screen Shot

You can also pull in information about actual job vacancies from the LMI for All API; it uses the Department for Works and Pensions Universal ¬†Jobmatch database as source data. We’re not yet pulling these in, because currently there’s no suitable coding on the Universal Jobmatch data to link it in. However, it’s a ‘watch this space’ situation.

Today is our day for the dissemination of our MUSAPI project outputs, which Kirstie and I (amongst others) are presenting via a webinar on Blackboard Collaborate. This will briefly feature our Salami Course>Job Profile button, as well as the MUSAPI demonstrator, of which more later. Before you dash away to use the demo, just a quick note that we’re still working on it, so use with caution!

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July 19, 2013 at 9:50 am