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We’ve made some small changes to our Salami demonstrator. Jen has pulled in some useful data from the LMI for All API – details of the latter are on the UKCES LMI for All web page. The new version of the Salami HTML Demo is here:

LMI for All has a range of information, including estimated hours and estimated salaries for particular ranges of jobs. These are determined by SOC Code, as shown in the example here for structural engineer (SOC Code 2121, which covers a range of engineering jobs):

New Salami Lmi Screen Shot

New Salami Lmi Screen Shot

You can also pull in information about actual job vacancies from the LMI for All API; it uses the Department for Works and Pensions Universal  Jobmatch database as source data. We’re not yet pulling these in, because currently there’s no suitable coding on the Universal Jobmatch data to link it in. However, it’s a ‘watch this space’ situation.

Today is our day for the dissemination of our MUSAPI project outputs, which Kirstie and I (amongst others) are presenting via a webinar on Blackboard Collaborate. This will briefly feature our Salami Course>Job Profile button, as well as the MUSAPI demonstrator, of which more later. Before you dash away to use the demo, just a quick note that we’re still working on it, so use with caution!


Written by benthamfish

July 19, 2013 at 9:50 am

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