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UCAS Postgraduate Launch

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The new UCAS Postgraduate system is up and running, replacing the old Data Collection system (at least for PG).

We’ve been looking forward to having a look at this new system for a number of reasons, not least of which is that UCAS has put some substantial effort into keeping institutions apprised of progress as it was being developed with regular webinars.  Even more: they seem to have taken on board a lot of what people have been asking for, so, in theory, this should be a more straightforward system to use.  I’ve already spotted (and used) the feedback button on the course editing side – we can only hope that people will give feedback and it will be taken into account.  If so, this system could end up being one of the better ones to use.

What’s really got us excited though is that UCAS confirmed all the way through the process that this system will be taking XCRI-CAP feeds!  Anyone who’s worked with us will know that we’ve been working with XCRI-CAP right from helping to write it all the way through so many projects, the Course Data Programme and now we’re working with Prospects to get it rolled out for PG courses.  It’s fantastic to have another aggregator on board.  As the British Standard for communicating course marketing information it is just what is needed to get consistency and accuracy across all aggregators.

We were warned that XCRI-CAP functionality would not be up and running straight away, but we have hopes that in the next couple of months there will be an update to include it.  Looking at the course editing area it certainly looks well structured for XCRI-CAP and I can’t wait to try setting up a feed.  As course marketing distributors for Birkbeck, University of London and The OU this will save us, and them, a lot of time once it’s ready as no keying will be needed for Prospects or UCAS PG.

To find out more about XCRI-CAP take a look at the XCRI website.  For free support creating your own XCRI-CAP feed contact me at jennifer@alanpaull.co.uk.


Written by jennifermdenton

June 17, 2016 at 2:12 pm

Posted in coursedata-tech, UCAS, XCRI

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