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This blog is about the work-related activity of Alan Paull.

Alan’s career has included courses data collection for the Polytechnics Central Admissions System (PCAS), where he set up and managed the first national electronic Clearing information service. He worked for 8 years from 1990 as technical lead at ECCTIS 2000, managing the delivery of the largest directory of UK higher and further education courses information at the time (to 1998).  Going freelance in 1998, he has provided supporting technical skills to many JISC-funded projects from ‘Specifying an e-Portfolio’ with the University of Nottingham to the ‘Supporting Responsive Curricula’ project with Manchester Metropolitan University.

He has recently worked on several eXchanging Course Related Information (XCRI) mini-projects, including the XCRI Implementation Models (XIM) Project and the recent XCRI Benefits Realisation project, for which the XCRI Knowledge Base was created. He has been involved in the development of XCRI from the project’s inception and is now working on further XCRI projects in the JISC Course Data Programme.  He has contributed to the development and maintenance of courses information standards since the mid 1980s, including working on the Superclass and Learndirect subject classification systems and the Sector Subject Areas (SSA) system.

Alan is also a designer of board and card games, publishing them through our sister company, Surprised Stare Games (SSG). We own and run SSG with our colleagues Tony and Karen Boydell.


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February 8, 2012 at 4:08 pm

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